Smog Free Tower: Daan Roosegaarde awarded.

Daan Roosegaarde was awarded by Kunstweek artist of the year 2016; his poetic language is done of multimedia and interactive architecture in urban areas. The Smog Free Tower, the largest outdoor smog vacuum cleaner in the world, is one of his most recent works posted on WOW! too.

Since 2003 the Kunstweek is an authoritative art mention and confirms the international awards received by Daan.
The jury called him a techno-poet, capable of contributing to a better world and the jury’s choice was confirmed by 40,000 online votes.
Daan Roosegaarde is a Dutch artist, Rotterdam and Shanghai based; he is is very attentive to the eco-sustainability and plays with multimedia, light, sound, and the interaction between environment, high-tech and people.


Waterlicht and Dune, are two of the most attractive examples of his interactive designs and landscape art works.
In the article “Anthropodesign” we have also talked about the Free Smog Tower, an example of his green and poetic vision, the 7 m high tower is the largest smog vacuum, cleans 30.000m3 of air per hour of pollution, uses less electricity than a water boiler.

Daan also creates jewelery made of the smog particles collected by the . Free Smog Tower. The smog filled with coal dust is compressed becoming a tangible souvenir and a symbol of his philosophy.
Poetry inside poetry.

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