Dieffebi’s solutions for open space.

Launched at the Salone Ufficio 2015, the modular system DotBox Evolution by Dieffebi, designed by Hangar Design Group, provides some well-organized interior design arrangements for open-space typologies, made even more pleasant and lively through the possibile chromatic personalization.

The DotBox system can be used to define private areas,  as it develops both vertically and horizontally through a wide-ranging  matching scheme to reach a perfect blending of storage units and tables.
Dot Box also includes the wire management:  the wide open compartment allows to fit the cables under the base of the wall units so that they can easily reach every single workstation.  The table DotBox allows even the hooking of sound absorbing panels.

Besides the current white and dove grey, more hues are available in the wide range of epoxy coating by Akzo Nobel. A creative freedom also stressed by the transverse line of the drawer units Universal Colors.

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