Design as you never heard it: Caimi #21Triennale.

The amazing exhibition of XXI Triennale named “Design as you never heard it” and curated by Aldo Colonnetti and Franco Origoni, poetically talks about Snowsound, the multi-awarded technology by Caimi Brevetti.

Sound and listening quality is the theme of this synaesthetic exhibition staged in a charming location – Cavallerizze of Science and Technologies Museum in Milan- that combines technological research and craft tradition, two keywords of “Design after Design”, two symbols of the Italian manufacturing tradition.

The technical features of Caimi’s innovative sound absorbing technology of Snowsound and Snowsound Fiber are emphasized in a tunnel, where you can feel its performances, its formal aspects in the products carried out by some of the major designers and the poetic aspects obtained through the work of the haute couture fashion designer Moreno Ferrari.
Actual  “self-supporting” architectures you can put on, and most sound-absorbing.

Franco Caimi explains: The theme proposed by XXI Triennale -Design after Design- was rendered by the great industrial designers by matching state- of- the- art, sound-absorbing and sustainable materials to improve our wellbeing, yet based on the craft tradition. That’s what Caimi means by “21st century Design”.

XXI Triennale
Title exhibition “Snowsound . Design as you never heard it”
Curated by: Aldo Colonetti and Franco Origoni
Set ub by: Origoni Steiner Architetti Associati, Franco Origoni, Matteo Origoni, Anna Steiner with Eleonora Bruno
in collaboration with: Paolo Bonfiglio, Andrea Farnetani, Caimi Lab
Set up supplier: Benfenati Allestimenti.
Where: Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci Milano, Via Olona 6.
When: from April 2nd to September 12th 2016. 

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