Dieffebi, the tailor of metal… and colour (Salone Ufficio).

The Dieffebi stand at Salone Ufficio, conceived as a “fashion house for metal”, will host the seminar “Color Trends for the Workplace” on Wednesday 15th April, 12 noon, Pav. 24 B19/B23. In effect, the technical skills of Dieffebi make metal a “soft” element.

Alberto De Zan, Chairman of Dieffebi SpA, will open the meeting, and then well-known experts in colour and perception will talk about their subjects; Renata Sias, is the moderator. The seminar will end with a light lunch. Please contact Alessandra Fardin (afardin@dieffebi.com) to confirm your participation.
Talk abstracts:

“We sit more comfortably on a colour we like (Verner Panton)”. Lia Luzzatto, teacher and colour consultant.
A statement such as the one made by Panton shifts attention from shape to colour and highlights the intimate correspondence between shades of colour and individual inclinations that involve the affective, psychological and physiological spheres.  We tend to offset sensorial deprivation due to lack of colour by introducing it in the form of painted walls, coloured floors, coloured lights or colour schemes for interior décor.  Architects define this operation as “humanization of the environment”.  In the first place colour is a quality, but it also provides weight because besides its chromatic value it also has a luminous one; it is also measure because it extends due to its intrinsic movement, and it not only has a “real temperature” but also a “perceived” one.  For this and other reasons we will investigate, fashion colour trends also come into the field of interior décor, but with some differences, especially if we are talking about residences or workplaces.

“The role of colour in the dynamic physical environment and in human relationships.” Aldo Bottoli, perception designer.
Everything happens in a dynamic physical environment as well as in human relationships…
Perception is active exploration not unlike touching; every surface, even when just observed, gives us more information than we imagine.  Many characteristics of matter are declared at a distance: hardness, temperature, weight and sometimes even perfume.
This means that surfaces and décor items are donned rather like garments; how will the “tailor” cut and sew the most suitable colours for metal?
We’ll find out during the workshop “Colour Trends for the Workplace”.

“Every color is green.. or blue?” Claudia Salomoni, Specification Advisor & Marketing Coordinator Akzo Nobel.
When can “paint” be defined eco-sustainable?  This talk will touch on certain technical characteristics of powder coatings, in which colour is a fundamental property and the one most readily perceived.  Research carried out in the Akzo Nobel Global Aesthetic Center, which every year selects the “ColourFutures”, brings to light the trends in which colour also embraces ecology, economics and sustainability. DIEFFEBI-seminario-colore-workplace-wow-webmagazine

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