Domestic and office space in the IoT era.

Which impact does the advent of the Internet of Things have on the connection between the domestic and the office spaceThe presentation of Classe 300X13E, the first product of Eliot, the line by BTicino dedicated to the IoT in the domestic space, it’s the chance to reflect on how the changes in different environment are nowadays intertwined.

We have already talk about Classe 300X13E, the video entrypohone connected and controlled via wi-fi by smartphone, though a simple and intuitive app that allow you to open the door or the gate, to activate safety cameras or to turn on the light of the garden.However, during the official presentation in Milan, the words of Franco Villani, managing director of BTicino, has raised some questions: are we already in the IoT era? What does this imply? Which new connection are made between the office and the domestic space, already linked by the new ways of working?
The potential of the internet of things are evident. Even if Eliot is dedicated to a residential context, we see that everywhere the connected objects are taking hold, for example in the 4.0 factory or in the school. Someone said that technological revolution can be divided in three phases: when the inventions are considered ridiculous, when they are considered dangerous, and when they are obvious. Well, nobody here see Classe 300X13E as a ridiculous or dangerous object”.

Smart working has led us to think about the domestic and the working environment as more and more intertwined, and the internet of Things clearly helps this process.
The remote control of the house, for example, will have a positive impact over the workers’ mobility ( a smart working’s keyword).
On the other hand devices that are developed for the house can we transferred to the office or they can give the hint for similar object. For example Nuvo, the Eliot’s Hi-Fi sound system controlled by another app, can be also used in the office to manage and to promote the listening of the music in the office.
IoT and smart working are the two leading forces of the “domesticfication” of the office and of the “workingfication” of the home space: that’s why a new trend in one field can lead at the same time to an innovation for the other.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

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