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Domotics e Disability: BTicino + INAIL Prostheses Center.

BTicino has started a research about domotics and technology to improve the quality of disableds’ life, in collaboration with INAIL Prostheses Center. Thanks to the innovative MyHome system, BTicino gives the right support and flexibility for a better and as far as possible indipendent life.

Today domotics is capable to give efficient solutions to improve the quality of disableds’ life. Bticino’s MyHome is a platform for domestic automation, a new way of designing the electrical system, integrated with air-conditioning, entryphone and safety.
The modularity and functionality of the integrated devices gives the freedom to choose the number and the kind of the applications you can install.
“We have to consider disabled people as an active element inside a building. Domotics and supports have to be integrated in the environment where the person lives”, Angelo Davalli, education manager of the INAL Protheses Center’s in Vigorso di Budrio (Bologna, Italy), says.
“The first thing is to evaluate a “bearable level of technology” both for the patient and the environment: not always the most cutting-edge technological device is the right one”.
Angello Davalli, then, concludes: “ We are happy about our collaboration with BTicino and its strong impact on our patients. We wanted to have a technical referent capable to support the machinery’s development in specific situations, not only for suggestions or technical advices, but to design together patient tailored projects. It’s a totally new field that hasn’t be explored yet”.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

1, 3, Domotic control simulator, BTicino.
2, Angelo Davalli, education manager of the INAL Prostheses Center’s in Vigorso di Budrio (Bologna, Italy).

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