Easy acoustics thanks to the magnetic coupling installation.

Simone Micheli designed for Fonology (Ares Line’s brand) the sound absorbing panels Airtwin and the metal structure Easy Air that incorporates magnets to allow an easy and free hanging of the panels.It creates a soundproof partition in open spaces.

Easy Air is a painted metal structure that allows very easy installation of round and square Airtwin panels thanks to incorporated magnets. The acoustic panels are made by polyester fibre and covered in Trevira fabric. With its magnetic anchoring system, the panels can be easily replaced or changed, allowing versatile ways to renew compositions. It is available in 3 versions: single-sided (3 panels) double-sided (6 panels) triple-sided (9 panels) installed on a metal spacer.


Easy Air can be moved as required, as there is no need for any structural intervention. The option of mounting up to nine panels reduces noise by 35%. Airtween panels can be also hung at wall and ceiling.

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