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Econocom Village: the “phygital” workplace.

A network of spaces, technology and people that redefines the relationship between physical and digital reality, a website to surf bodily. The interior design of the Econocom Village by Il Prisma is thought for dynamic and innovative ways of working, smart collaboration and open innovation, in the renovated space La Forgiatura, projected by Giuseppe Tortato and developed by RealStep.

A challenge that has seen several professionals and companies working on the renovation 6.000 sqm in less than a year, with new green spaces and the link structures between La Forgia and La Tecnica, the main areas of the Econocom Village in Milan.

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“It was not easy to integrate a new building in a magical place as La Forgiatura, an example of urban regeneration known and appreciated worldwide” the architect Giuseppe Tortato said, describing the four bridges with metal trusses that enshrine a wide 8-meters-high internal hall and double-height meeting rooms overlooking the new green areas.
On the glass facade corten steel is used to create rhythmical elements while on the surface areas exposed to the sun, a microperforated metal shielding helps to reduce the consumptions for the air conditioning of the internal spaces.

Following the insights given by neurosciences for the workplace interior design, collected in their book Now We Work, Il Prisma has designed the interiors of the five buildings, creating a stimulating environment, that involves all the five senses, redefining the relationship between physical and digital reality.


The project is based on the Econocom’s concept “Wiring connection”, creating a network of colored lines linking space, where different experiences take place: blue leads to places for relaxing or concentration, yellow to spots that foster happiness and cheerfulness, red to informal meeting environments and magenta to areas thought to stimulate creativity.

At the entrance, a building inspired by a Green House and a tunnel, where a programmable LED lighting system can create different scenarios, welcomes the visitors and create an anticipation of the engaging different areas of the Econocom Village: working open space areas aside, the buildings include a gym, a Lounge Music Club for hosting musical events, band room hosting a web radio, and a restaurant. There are also different spaces dedicated to clients: a Disaster Recovery Area for the technical assistance, tech laboratories for kids and the Academy for adult’s education.

Testo di Gabriele Masi.

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