Epidermis for interiors.

Unusual surfaces for new identities of indoor environments.
Walls made of fire, water and vegetables, uninterrupted surfaces to link floor, walls and ceiling. New materials, sustainable and high performance; ground-breaking, high-tech covering materials, but also some traditional ones, revised to arouse new sensations in indoor environments.
As regards ceiling, wall and floor covering materials , interior design shakes off prejudices: through new materials and technologies, the finishes to protect, decorate and typify surfaces offer novel solutions, that can solve functional problems successfully, define new identities and give a fashionable and matchless image to living and working environments and showrooms.

1 Fire-like interactive and multimedia wall
Firewall is an interactive audio/visual experience created by Mike Allison and Aaron Sherwood. A stretched sheet of spandex acts as a performance membrane that when pushed into creates fire-like visuals and expressively plays music. The further you press into the membrane the faster and more intense the piano music becomes.

2 White American oak Continued surfaces
To reflect Yoobi’s brand through its restaurant interior, Ico Design partnered with London-based interior-architects Gundry & Ducker and Yoobi co-founder Carolina Rodrigues to create a contemporary interior using American white oak panelling, punctuated with an inlaid brass line that playfully follows the contours over the walls and furniture. White oak (ahec) is used for the flooring, architectural joinery and panelling. Brass lines at regular intervals are inlaid into the floor and follow the marquetry patterns.

3High-tech jagged surfaces
The rigorous and essential space (46sqm) for Koukjian jewellery in Beirut City Center was designed by SOMA Architects with the use of parametric software to create special broken up textural effects on the white walls in high-tech surface DuPont Corian, together with lights positioned among the vertical bands.

4 Water wall for natural air conditioning
Blu Water Wall by Blumohito is a natural air conditioner that promotes wellness and restores optimal humidity levels in indoor environments.

5 Vegetal evergreen acoustil wall
Blumohito technology allows indoor growing of plants without using soil. Thanks to a special phonoabsorbent panel inside the structure, Smart Acoustic Green can add good acoustic performances.

6 Vertical modular garden
Karoo di D&M is an idea by the young designer Jiri Vermeulen perfect for indoor and outdoor and for storage backs (Interior Innovation Award 2013 winner); it is simple and adactable thanks to the 40×40 cm textile based module that contains nine plants.

7 Tridimentional texture
Augmented Texture by Neutra is a system of wall covering designed by Elia Nedkov; an original approach in combining dimensions (50×50, 25×50 e 25×100 cm) and different textures and depth of stones to obtain 3D effect, emphatized by LED lighting.

8 Moquette continuous shell
Floors, walls and ceiling conceived as an unique, fluid and dynamic textile surface to represents the fluidity of communication: this is the concept of the interesting project by Luis Pedra Silva (Pedra Silva Arquitectos  http://www.pedrasilva.com) for the Fraunhofer Office in Porto that involved  Bolon for the outfitting (Bene Furniture).

9 Walking on… castor seeds
Fotosfera consists of yarn exclusive to Interface that is made from castor plant oil produced in rural communities. The product supports Interface’s strategy to reduce its reliance on virgin petro-chemical raw materials and delivers strong environmental and socio-economic benefits.

10 Elegant leather wallcoverings in different patterns
The Pearl Collection by Studioart is realized in pure aniline, the most noble of all full grain leather manufacturing processes, which gives it extreme delicacy to the touch and an instantly recognizable preciousness and beauty. Worked with matt metallic dust, wax and oils, this collection of wall covering elements is also aesthetically qualified by a luminescent layer.

11Customizable wooden boiserie
The orizontal sign is the distinctive element of Decor, the woowden panel system for wall covering designed by Bartoli Design and produced by Laurameroni and available in different kind of wood. The simple hooking structure allows easy assembling and equipping with hung elements.

12 Metalized wall coverings
Quartz J&V101 collection by Jannelli&Volpi has a strong value and technic and materic issue; the Metalized PET support has embossed irregular texture; it is washable, resistant and durable.

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