Ergonomics & Wellbeing: a priority for Millennials, too.

Four generations (Millennials, Y Generation, X Generation and Baby Boomers) are working at the same workplace for the first time. A survey commissioned by Kinnarps demonstrates that this affects our workplaces less than we might think. The survey revealed that the younger generation feel that ergonomics is as important for their wellbeing in the workplace as having a high salary. Very interesting inputs for the new office furniture concepts presented by Kinnarps at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016: Space and Fields systems offer many options for feeling good, in both body and soul.

According to Kinnarps’ survey, ergonomics is a priority area for all generations and a 58% have joint pains linked to their workplaces (62% of Baby Boomers, 57% of Generation X, 56% of Millennials) and the perfect workplace is characterized by both modern and ergonomic work equipment. For the younger generation, ergonomic work furniture is as important as high pay.
When the interviewed were forced to choose between office furniture that is nice-looking/designed or ergonomic, 84% selected the latter.
“It is surprising that young people place such a high value on ergonomics – quoted Elisabeth Slunge, Brand/Range/Design Director at Kinnarps- Thinking about this when you are young entails investing in wellbeing for the future, and the results are therefore very positive”.
The survey shows that health and wellbeing are important at all ages, with some differences among the generations: Millennials are more open to new typology of office solutions; Generation X like to work standing up; Baby Boomers prefer to have their own individual office, silence and privacy.
Obviously to create the employers’ satisfaction it is important to give them options in terms of both workplace and equipment.
Most generations (76%) also need to control their own working time, to work when it suits them.
“Despite different generations having somewhat differing preferences, the most flexible and smart companies have to understand that wellbeing can vary from person to person and according to job activities. Increasing wellbeing requires a broad definition of ergonomics. It is about the whole person feeling good, in both body and soul.” says Elisabeth Slunge.
Actually we can talk about “Design of the Options“.


Kinnarps Space system, design by Stefan Brodbeck. Brodbeck.
With a wide range of modules and smart solutions, Space series is packed with potential. By focusing on flexibility and a range of options, the series is designed and adapted for the individual and the tasks that are performed over the course of a working day.
“Space is about how storage is used today and how it will be used in the future. It links in with our perspective on how people wish to work and act in a modern workplace. The aim with Space was to create a universal system that works with many different needs. A flexible and modular solution with great adaptation possibilities. A unit with exciting features and options to create functional but also emotional and inspiring workplaces,” says Stefan Brodbeck.

Kinnarps Fields modular system designed by Olle Gyllang (Propeller Design,Stockholm).
The new modular product series Fields is developed and adapted for active workplaces. With sofas, tables, screens and easy chairs, it adapts itself to the user. Whether you wish to socialise or need to work undisturbed.
“The aim with Fields was to create a balance. This is done partly through its calm and gentle design, but also through the balance that is created in the overall interior. Where both the individual and group find the space required, for some private time and for time shared together,” says Olle Gyllang.


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