Estel: Office Living.

Is there a unique boundary between home environment and workspace? How do we live and work today and in what areas? How have behaviours, meetings, and work rhythms changed over the last decade? Estel launches at Orgatec 2014 (Hall 6-B27) the synthesis of a ten-years research on furniture design.

Office design experienced a period where functionality reigned, followed by the trend of a warm and domestic connotation to the environment. Today we know that the balance between these two visions rests in an efficient synthesis of both applications.
A balance that Estel applies in its new vision of Office Living, thanks to its expertise in domestic and contract furniture, giving the individual and his personal and professional time a complete and comprehensive reading.
A vision that recognises the value of emotions and efficiency and springs from a general idea of how spaces are used over a 24-hour period: from the company reception area to the waiting and interview areas, from workstations to boardrooms and executive offices, to service areas like canteens, training rooms, and conference call rooms, to the off-duty areas. In those spaces lacking in continuity we find proposals for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, studies, and bedroom areas.

Estel Office Living includes the family products: Embrace, Deck, More Table, Altagamma, E-Wall and Niemyer Table, evergreen masterpiece designed in 1985.

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