Flos: Kelvin LED, the light in an archetype.

“Only rarely in our profession do you conceive of and design a product that in one way or another will become an archetype. With the Kelvin Led project I have always been convinced that this is the case.” sayd Antonio Citterio.
Launched in 2009 and already internationally recognized as one of the most iconic task lamp in the design world, the Kelvin LED light by Flos designed by Antonio Citterio assistant Toan Nguyen is now available in a new version improved by a green mode, a new technology which compensates ambience light to save even more energy.
By pressing for approximately 3 seconds the ON/OFF optical switch on the head, it turns from orange to green and the device regulates autonomously the brightness of the LED according to the quantity of light present on the desk. The brighter the ambient light is, the less light will be emitted by the device and vice-versa. The function can be deactivates by pressing again the optical sensor on the head of the lamp.



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