Fonology: the noiseless response to a loud request.

Fonology (Ares Line’s brand) is a company that offers customize acoustic solutions and works starting from a multimateric approach to solve any kind of acoustic problem in every kind of environment.

Engineers and experts with longstanding professional experience research and experiment on a global scale to find the best sound absorbing materials in order to develop cutting-edge solutions to improve the response of space to sound.
Fonology helps designers select combinable products that offer maximum creative freedom, thanks to refined finishes and decorations; innovative lines, colours and profiles bring the great aesthetic appeal of italian style to highly functional elements.
The absence of any disturbance, good reception and intelligibility differ according to the dimensions of an environment and to the type of materials used for its various walls and furnishing elements. Fonology acoustic comfort arises from an assessment of overall spatiality, from a global vision that considers every detail an opportunity to inspect the tones, timbres, reverb, absorption and insulation of sound.

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