Franco Raggi: I miss Edison’s small sun.

I flood myself with less light” (“M’illumino di meno”) : A nice title to support a virtuous action, but I’m rather doubtful. To switch off the light is a cathartic gesture one does individually, to set one’s conscience at rest as far as energy-saving is concerned.
However, home consumption accounts for a minimal percentage of energy consumption and bulbs make use of a smaller percentage of energy compared to the much more voracious electrical appliances and devices. And if I look outside, I see an opposed culture in terms of waste of light, in cities, streets, façades and office buildings.That energy voraciousness requires its own ritual sacrifice: the white-hot bulb, immolated on the altar of the European manufacturers of LED lamps, the lower consumption of which justifies the massive increase in number of lighting fittings. I believe we now consume more than before. I’d like to have data on the current average consumption of energy for the lighting of offices or shops compared to 30 years ago. I’m impotently nostalgic about Edison’s small sun.
Text by Franco Raggi

Franco Raggi (Photo Giovanni Gastel)
Hanging lamp Trifluo by Artemide, design Franco Raggi.
Standing lamp Flute Magnum by FontanaArte, design Franco Raggi.

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