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From B2B to H2H. New outlooks for successful companies.

March 20th celebrates the International Day of Happiness resolved by United Nations General Assembly since 2012 to promote this fundamental human need and to define a new Economic Paradigm ,because economic, social and environmental well-being are not divisible.
The International Day of Happiness is also an opportunity to think upon the concept of Happiness at work: an invaluable lever for success, as proved by those companies following policies that take into consideration the employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.

The B2B view doesn’t meet the human beings’ requirements, so a H2H (Human to Human) approach should be chosen by those firms who to flourish, and everybody knows that requirements and human relations are the heart of any business.
Profit and productivity as only goals reveal the organization’s weekness, because people work better and more willingly when they are contented, because they work in a positive climate and feel wanted and respected as human beings.
We posted several case studies of Human Centered companies (Mattel, Sace, Technogym, Coca Cola, for instance).
Great Place to Work awarded every year the Best Companies that have found a new way of being entrepreneurs, not only focused on managerial and productive factors, but also on the relation with the employees, whom they look after like loving mums, offering them life quality, a peaceful ambience, friendly and sustainable surroundings, and great importance is attached to work-life balance, motivation and engagement.
These were the themes of the Jelly Session, “Ten rules for ergonomic design in smart working places” that gave rise to many hints and a lot of different meanings of ergonomics and health procurement.
Ergonomics has taken a holistic nature in the age of Agile Working and even the youngest people are very aware of this issue, as proved by the study carried out by Kinnarps: for Millennials wellbeing is as important as a high pay.
So H2H means that people and their wellbeing prevail over profit.

Editorial by Renata Sias, editor WOW! Webmagazine.

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