From Bureaucracy to Backpackcracy (Assufficio 27/2 Milan).

How to promote the dynamism of professional nomadism and a change management focused on fluidity within an inspiring workplace?
From Bureaucracy to Backpackcracy: scenarios for fluid workplaces” is the title of the seminar organized by Assufficio to share opinion about these topics. Leonardo Previ, author of the book “Backpackcracy” and qualified speakers will offer different points of view (27 February 2018, Milan).


The term Burocracy express the static organization of the office during the industrial era, while the neologism Backpackcracy expresses smart working and agile workstyles, based on the interconnection and the explorative approach, but also seeking for collaboration in a workplace of quality.
The speaker of the seminar are:
Gianfranco Marinelli (president Assufficio)
Leonardo Previ, author of the book “Backpackcracy” and professor of Human Resource management at Università Cattolica ;
Andrea Montuschi, president Great Place to Work Italia
Paolo Mantero, architect;
Paolo Favaretto, designer
Renata Sias,WOW! Webmagazine and Assufficio consultant.

Title: Dalla Burocrazia alla Zainocrazia: scenari per un ufficio fluido.
When: 27February 2018 (17,30/19,30)
Where: Foro Buonaparte 65 Milano


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