Furniture is movable…

Height-adjustable tops on desks are nothing new, they  are popular in North Europe and seem now to be provided for by Italian rules, as well. Other typologies of furniture assume a dynamic working style and are equipped with adjustable mechanisms, too.

Now also executive tables (Unifor) and even community chairs are movable and through a patented device they disappear under the floor to allow maximum freedom of use, and then reappear by magic, in 4 minutes only, by touching on the remote control: through this device, the “revived” Lamm regains an innovative role worthy of its past.
Blanc by Brunner presented an interesting details: an elastic high- tech fabric veils the movable structure.

Brunner, Dress, design Osko+Deichmann.
Lamm, Newton patented mechanism for community chairs.
Unifor, meeting table design by Norman Foster equipped with heigh-adjustable top.
Haworth, Yourplace System.

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