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God’s Chairs: a film by Jerome Gueguen.

God’s Chairs (Les Chaises de Dieu) is the title of the original and ironic film presented at Milano Film Festival 2014. It is the first work by Jérôme Walter Gueguen, an Italian-French director (born in Paris and living in Bologna). A real film with refined citations by Elio Petri and Nanni Moretti enriched by dreamlike visions. Don’t miss it!

Jérôme wants to make a film that embodies our time and the sempiternal crisis of the present-day: so what better subject matter than chairs, the true symbol of all semi-logical reasoning, everyday tools that are easy to use, and the perfect incarnation of all productive processes? The film producer does not agree the chairs are the ideal subject for a film “The new Markets are not interested in chairs..”. but Jerome convinces him with its disarming simplicity “Everybody use chairs” … Everyboby are interested in chairs!



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