Clocks for a timeless design.

A selection of design oriented clocks, perfect to celebrate winter seasons. An useful clock for wall or table is also a perfect Christmas gift. There is a wide range of models in different materials, for all tastes and all budgets: evergreen, classic, innovative clocks and remake of iconic pieces.


Solari, Cifra3, design by Gino Valle.
It is characterized by a flap system and patented in 1966, the Cifra 3 clock is recognized throughout the world as a design icon of the 20th century, so much that it is a part of the permanent MoMA collection in New York and of the Science Museum collection in London as well as the permanent Triennale Design Museum collection in Milan. Nobody, in 50 years, has been able to replicate the mechanical perfection of the flaps that even today are rigorously assembled by hand in the Udine factory, by our skilled tailors of time. Price 460 euros.


Architectmade, FJ Clock, design by Finn Juhl.
A remake of an evergreen. A limited numbered edition of 1000. It was designed in 1950 as a part of the interior of the New York United Nation Trusteeship Council Chamber. The circular shape complementing the natural qualities of the teak wood and the numberless aluminum dial captures his flair for clever minimalism. Price 699 euros.


Emilio Pasquini, Turi, design by Dario Gaudio (distributed by InternoItaliano).
It is inspired by the ancient Italian kitchens, where copper pots and pans hang on the walls. Its contemporary design is accented by soft shapes that enhance both traditional material and craftsmanship. Price 98 euros.


Alessi, Ora In e Ora Out, design by Giulio Iacchetti.
A new typology of “corner clock” that slots in between two walls. This solution ensures the object’s total accessibility, making it possible to check the time even from angles that are not perpendicular to the clock. The absence of decorations and the regular appearance of the grey hands help emphasise the formal cleanliness. Price 78 euros.


Bose, Infinity Clock, design by Nika Zupanc.
Pointers and their loops form an intriguing visual structure that disintegrates before our own eyes the very next moment. Its swinging action reminds us that this moment is the only real one and the sole one worth living for. Price 1,040 euros.

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