Hack: the desk by Konstantin Grcic with a garage spirit.

A creative and practical system of desks, capable of joining rest and work, formal and informal: Hack designed by Kostantin Grcic and produced by Vitra, fits into dynamic working environments, of which its unfinished and experimental raw design is a perfect image.

Hack is a challenge to the modern conception of working desk and the symbol of a new way of thinking about the office furniture: design has to anticipate the needs of companies and workers, proposing different solutions, concentrated in one object.
Hack is a manual adjustable height desk (form 200 to 1250 mm) easy to close and move, thought a simple manual system, that improves its versatility.
The panels on the back and on the sides allows a better privacy and helps concentration.

At the bottom level the desktop can be covered with cushions and turn into a couch for a quick break or informal discussions.
The sensations of an experimental project, a “not yet finished” design given by the the simple and raw wood and metal structure, is thought to fit with the mentality of nowadays companies, dynamic laboratories of innovations.
Text by Gabriele Masi.



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