Happiness at work. Geico awarded by GPTW.

Last March 3rd Great Place to Work made the list of the best companies to work for in Italy public. The list –large, medium and small companies- was drawn up on the basis of a questionnaire about the perceived quality of the work experience handed out to the employees. The survey considered the relation between managers and collaborators, how they are involved in their job and the relation with their colleagues.
The company climate is strictly related with happiness: the three pillars of wellbeing: social, economic and environmental, cannot be separated, as they define together the global gross happiness, according to the UN general secretary Ban Ki-moon.

Those leaders who enforce such prerequisites make the principle that positive attitudes between managers, collaborators and colleagues come from individual commitment and economically successful companies effective. There are several studies supportino this thesis. In Italy, organizations recording the highest levels of wellbeing of their workers have increased their turnover by 12,61%, (over the Italian average of 2,28%) thus confirming a trend that has been going on now for five years.
The recent GPTW’s survey was especially focused on the physical environment of the workplaces.

Geico was awarded for its best work environments.

Geico, a world leader in the design and manufacture of automated turnkey vehicle body painting plants, was awarded by its employees the best work environment.
Great Place To Work analyses the workplace perception at Geico related with the availability of high levels of concentration and privacy, and the possibility to flexible adapt to different worker’s needs and to reflect the corporate image.


The design of the new offices close to Milan is a 360° answer to to the workers’ needs: flexible layouts, activity settings spaces, shared areas and private ones.
Not only functional solutions but answers focused on wellness and work-life balance (gardens, bistrot, relax areas, kitchenettes, and so on).


It is estimated that one percentage point of enhanced perception of workplaces brings about an increase of 0,6-0.8 points in the perception of a “great place to work”.
The workplace impact on “happiness” isn’t an end in itself, but rather something that is reflected in the best performances of the organizational structure and economic out-turns.

Text by Antonino Borgese, Director of Great Place to Work® research.


Laura’s Garden of Thoughts is the physical place in which thought processes take place. It is the physical space that Chairman Arabnia wanted to dedicate to his wife Laura and to his extended family: his employees. This is the very heart of Geico. Here the right side of his brain has free reign. This is where the company’s soul is.
2,000 square metres of beauty and wellbeing, an essential prelude before accessing the Pardis Innovation Centre, the perfect synthesis of emotions and creativity.
A meditation space, corporate gym, bistro area and cultural and entertainment area comprising an amphitheatre and a photo gallery make up this wonderful Zen garden.
Ideal for the physical and mental wellbeing of all those employed by Geico.


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