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Happiness at work: a couple of tips by the Happiness Experts.

In 2012 the United Nations General Assembly has passed resolution appointing 20th March as International Happiness Day. We all have the right to be happy at work too, because it brings benefits to creativity, productivity and health.

Searching the Web for the theme Happiness at Work you find a remarkable choice of hints and viewpoints on the subject. The theme should not be neglected: according to American Institute of Stress 75% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related problems at work, as shown by “Happiness at Work” a film by Martin Meissonier from Productions Campagne Premier.
The most authoritative and spiritual voice remains Dalai Lama’s with his book “The Art of Happiness at Work” but other lay sources, although less profound, expand the advice scenario, including a few targeted blogs, in Italian language too.
Science shows that happier brains work better. Happier people are more productive, creative, insightful, resilient, sociable, and successful. They are healthier and live longer.
Alexander Kjerulf, Happiness Expert, in a long (one hour) interview focused on the important role plays by the workplace “There are workplaces out there that are slowly killing their people. This is morally and ethically wrong.” and adds “Hours are bullshit. Results are all that matter.”Success doesn’t lead to happiness. Happiness leads to success.”
We infer that smart working and agile work are an almost necessary basis for happiness. The path to happiness may start by becoming aware of one’s unhappiness through Top 10 signs you’re unhappy at work listed by Alexander Kjerulf in his article posted in The Chief Happiness Officer Blog:
1 You procrastinate;
2 You spend Sunday night worrying about Monday morning;
3 You’re really competitive about salary and titles;
4 You don’t feel like helping co-workers;
5 Work days feel looooong;
6 You have no friends at work;
7 You don’t care. About anything;
8 Small things bug you;
9 You’re suspicious of other people’s motives;
10 Physical symptoms (insomnia, headaches, low energy, muscle tension…)
If you identify with one or more of these signs, it’s time you apply yourself to find your happiness. The Mamma Felice blog suggest 5 ways for being happier at work:
1 Establish nice relations with your colleagues;
2 Unplug at lunch break;
3 Smile while on the phone;
4 Say no and don’t make promises you won’t keep;
5 Learn new things and don’t be mentally lazy.
Should all that not be enough, then go to point 6: change your job.

For people, who are really in a hurry, some say you can meet with success in just three minutes.
Scott Crabtree in “The Science of being happy at work in three minutes” agrees on the fact that happiness is mostly a choice and it depens upon what you think and do; he suggests a daily 3-step “exercise”.
“First, make progress toward goals that are important to you. We think achieving our goals will make us happy. It does, but not as happy as we think… Don’t multi-task.
Second, practice positivity. That means having a good attitude, looking at the bright side, and being optimistic.
Third, prioritize people and relationships. The strongest influence on your happiness is the quality of your relationships”.
Do you need more concrete tips?
Here are “4 Tips for being happier at Work” by Bite Size Wellness:
1 Stop Thinking About Money;
2 Eat High Quality Foods;
3 Let Go of the Final Results;
4 Force a Smile.
Keep on searching the web and share your tips. I close my article suggesting “Happiness at work is about Balance” by the blogger Catherine who quote the US psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who used “Flow” as the state of Happiness that we’re all looking for and explains that Balance is the key to happiness, personal balance and work-life balance.
Text by Gabriele Masi.





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