Horizon Media: a seamless workplace in New York.

Horizon Media is the largest media services company in US and constantly growing. “At Horizon Media, business is personal” is more than a tagline, it is its philosophy mirrored inside its New York based offices too, designed by a+i Architecture. Seamless worspaces, indoor and outdoor, a mix of industrial cool elements with warm and bright welcoming details.

It’s no wonder that a company capable of including in its mission concepts “It’s who we are and how we choose to work… A belief that original thinking will make a difference… It’s about nurturing our people and our culture” would ask something original and different for its offices, too. Starting from the location (originally a printer factory) with a breathtaking view; three entirely gutted and renovated floors to let in as much light as possible and spur people to connect and interact. The solution adopted by the designers is an unbroken workplace: superdesk + superseating.

Anywhere in this office you get a possible workstation, inside or outside on the terrace; every single spot is a lounge area and a desk, an uninterrupted horizontal surface, here and there padded or in exposed wood. The recent enlargement of the offices is based on the concept of unbroken surface and the desks are designed to fit to the different levels of the jointed flooring. For the staff’s wellbeing, the new expansion provides for a fitness area and a large bar area connected with the terrace.
Photo by Magda Biernat, courtesy a+i architecture

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