How to Create a Workplace People Love?

After my last editorial Tangible or intangible benefits?” about the concepts from Great Place To Work Conference, I went on with my research and I’m pleased to see that the opinions of many Gurus agree on the main points. The legendary Christopher Coleman, global design director at Google, sums up his approach in the article  How to Create a Workplace People Never Want to Leave” on Bloomberg Businessweek and the video – don’t miss them! – reported here. It cheers us to know that, it’s also his opinion, the first thing is to listen to what employees need; How to create a Workplace People never want to Leave also important, the  “dynamic project”: there is no static wellbeing, in “amazing, vibrant place” too. A steady monitoring, and post- occupancy survey are necessary as well as adaptations that can produce innovative forms of experimentation in an in-progress and shared project. Sharing, an other key word, followed by Flexibility, that allows many ways of working.

These factors gave me the idea of a  “gender wellbeing”: on the occasion of the Mother’s Day, I started a survey on Facebook and Linkedin “What can make a working mom happier?” and I’m going to give you the results hoping they can help to create a workplace women can love. Your remarks are welcome and most useful. Best wishes to Mums!

Interactive editorial by Renata Sias


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