C12 (Ventura Lambrate) Slouch, design Anita Donna Bianco.

Hybrid furniture for multitasking users.

Furniture with a marked personality, overcoming the concept of multifunctionality and inspired by more flexible and less conventional life and work styles. Hybrid pieces to be used in a fluid way, designed for small-sized environments, where different jobs alternate, overlap and merge


1 C12, Slouch, design by Anita Donna Bianco.

Ibrid furniture complement with double function: sofa and carpet; an easy space inspired by play-carpets for kids.

2 Skandiform, Pond, design by Charlotte Elsner.

Tavolino per lounge che integra nella sua forma di foglia di ninfea un elegante sostegno per contenere riviiste o e-book.

3 Adele C Design Collection, TT design by Ron Gilad.

“An hybrid between the idea of a tray and that of a coffee table”. So Ron Gilad on his project. TT, Tray Table, is a series of low tables with slender, minimalistic lines. The top can be removed and become a tray.

4 Danese, Doubleside design by Matali Crasset.

Componible and playfull Chair/table furniture.

5 Martinelli Luce, Clochard, design Orlandini Design.

Not only a lamp, but also a small table: a nomadic and dynamic object.

6 Prooff, SitTable, design by UNStudio.

A thinking place as well as a social meeting ground.

7 Tjep, Il Treno.

Intimacy and romanticism: a cosy alcove-table for two reminiscent of the old steamtrain carriages of the Orient Express.

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