inEDI: coworking + barber shop for digital professionals.

The vertical coworking space inEDI, was officially opened for the professionals of computer graphics, visual effects, production and post-production of video and digital contents. A 1300 sqm in Milan unifying centre implemented by Edi Effetti Digitali Italiani, offering 50 workstations, theatre, cinema, relax areas and, among other facilities, even a barber shop. 

The aim is to bring together artists and workers and to foster brainstorming and exchange of experiences, as well as to organize training courses together with universities and school we collaborate with. We really would like it to be an incubator and accelerator for freelancers and start-ups.” explains Francesco Grisi, EDI’s founder and associate.

The co-working area provides for over 50 workstations, made by recycled materials, available in three patterns, coming in different colours. from the simple workstation (green), to the shared desks with computer (blue) to the workstation equipped with professional hardware and software (orange).

Also at the digital coworkers’ disposal there are a stage and a cinema, meeting rooms and workshops, restaurant- bar offering organic food, relax areas with billiard table and videogames and even a barber shop corner. 


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