Infinite recyclability of glass.

Paolo Cappello, Nicola De Ponti, Roberto Giacomucci, Donata Paruccini and Alessandra Pasetti have made new objects of furniture, giving a second life to raw materials considered waste from the so-called “junk” of an icon product related to Fiam’s history- the table Ragno.

Paolo Cappello designs Ovidio, a stool that emphasizes the backbone concealing it with a transparent material. Nicola De Ponti folds the junk for what it is, and makes the idea of a table with Butterfly grow wings, or cuts a compact plate to recompose a mirror painting, Tangram, of irregular light reflections. Roberto Giacomucci with Ceralacca proposes a table in which each leg was soaked in an amorphous material and matched to the surface, forever joint to it: a modern sealing wax which solidifies thus identifying, as a seal, the designer and his creation. On the other hand Vibra, a small prismatic table interacting with the surrounding environment as if it were in motion, reproduces the idea of time as space displacement. Donata Paruccini immerses you into the mirror Timoteo in a deep reflection, with silver horizons that condense our image. Finally through the project Vanity Flair, Alessandra Pasetti solves the hard counter glass tops with an embroidered feminine touch that highlights a console. At the basis of the project, the glass culture bears the message of confidence in the young, unique and necessary creative and productive point of reference, able to build the foundations for a sustainable future.

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