Innovation and hybridization against emulation.

On the occasion of the round table “Hybrid Office Design” organized by Wow! WebMagazine at Dieffebi place, reflections upon this subject are expounded by Cesare Chichi (967 ), designer of the new showroom in Milan.

Hybrid is the new keyword in Office Design, an evolution of the workplace that beats “smart working” and mirrors a contemporary reality where hybrid space, function, atmosphere and concepts mark the actual, new design.
The experience gained by 967Arch in in several sectors shows a “tailored project”: the designer is asked to propose the right level of innovation and change suitable for the customer.
Talking about digital technologies, nomadic workstyles, open spaces, flexibility, reconfigurable spaces and paperless offices, mere emulation is the most common mistake.

Companies are offering high-visibility products that are to be refashioned from the point of view of hybridization.
Indeed, the use of the space resource and the emotional narration should mirror the corporate ethos, otherwise that would be just a “cosmetic exercise” revealing heavy critical situations.
The real resource now available is the new and more hybrid  generational culture free from pre-established infrastructures and the greater freedom allowed by technology.
So the right degree of innovation and hybridization is left to the designer’s artistic feeling.
Text by Cesare Chichi (967Arch) 


The photos show some of the innovative workplaces designed by 967 Arch.

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