IoT, a revolution in the relationship between people and objects is in progress.

It’s impossible not to talk about IoT. In 2020 26 Billion objects will be connected all the world over! The media interest is recent, but Internet of Things is a phenomenon, which the experts have been investigating for many years and is quickly evolving. A phenomenon that doesn’t concern just a few sectors but even every scope of our life and our ways of working. Hence, the Smart concept can be applied to each object already commonly used and extol its performance.

A technology connecting human beings with objects, and one object with the other and the objects with the life the user is fascinated by, stimulates new strategies and requires a new design thinking.
It’s a stimulus for the marketing and a new frontier for the manufacturers in nearly all sectors.
Among the McKinsey’s studies devoted to IoT, two are expecially educational and inspiring An executive’s guide to the Internet of Things and The Internet of Things: Five critical questions”, the interviews to some of the most automative experts in this field: MIT Media Lab director Joi Ito to Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group deputy director Dan Kaufman to Cloudera cofounder and chief strategy officer Mike Olson to O’Reilly Media founder and chief executive officer Tim O’Reilly.
Their answers express a vision of the the next progression of IoT and what are the possible risks.
The social benefits of IoT especially regard healthcare and medicine projects (delivering better care in the intensive-care unit, designing better drugs, understanding the progress of disease). Sustainable benefits, for example, come from the possibility to connect the lights in a building to motion sensors, and they’re harvesting data about building occupancy and this kind of technology can save companies a lot of money. In the workplaces “there are three things that never work: printers, videoconferencing, and overhead projectors. I think that if we could use standards and interconnectivity to make all of those things work, or even one of them, I’d be a very happy man”.
The bigger risks are privacy, security and any possible kind of a cyberattack.
there are also advices for business leaders interested in the Internet of Things; they are not so different from any other innovation strategy: “What are you doing? What is your plan? How are you different? What’s your vision? How do you plug into the ecosystem?
Be suspicious about “people jumping to technology to solve a problem without thinking about the problem first. Analyze “what the fundamental problem in your business is and how you would go about solving it. It is quite possible the Internet of Things will be a solution. But I think it’s a mistake to do it the other way around.
IoT is an enormous opportunity, but does not make miracles.
Editorial by Renata Sias, editor WOW!

In the video the Tecno’s vision of IoT for the workplace (IoT: Intelligence of Tecno)

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