Kinnarps Group. A new international design strategy.

The Kinnarps Group, awarded at last Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, implements a new strategy to international designers. The first good result is the collaboration with Karim Rashid, who designed three products for the three brands of the Group: Kaloo stool for Materia, Manhattan chair for NC and Phaze chair for Skandiform.
Three seating objects able to express the strength and the values of the three brands that have successfully driven the chromatic and formal style of the eccentric New York designer.

Kinnarps Group has extended its high-quality design approach from a strong Scandinavian personality to a more international one. The three Swedish furniture brands Skandiform, NC and Materia initiated a collaboration with the New York based designer Karim Rashid.
“Part of our strategy is to work with international designers to broaden our design and reach out to a global market. Since we’ve had great success in North America in recent years, it seemed logical to cooperate with a US-based designer,” says Thomas Johannesson, CEO of Materia, NC and Skandiform. ”We usually don’t work with the same designer for our three brands, but after meeting Karim in New York we decided to make an exception. He always aims for the unexpected, which is in line with our ambition to be innovative and creative.

2-Phaze- SKANDIFORM-karim-rashid-kinnarps-wow-webmagazine

Karim Rashid finds the collaboration very interesting. “Scandinavian countries respect design and it is a seamless part of their culture. When I work with various cultures I try to embrace the regional culture as well as the brand identity,” he says. “I respect every company I collaborate with and work hard to understand what they do and what they need. With Materia, NC and Skandiform I saw them producing designs that are minimal yet sensual, technological yet human, innovative yet experiential. That is also my philosophy for the physical world. Working with the strengths of each client we created three original designs that are true to my vision and their brands.”
The cooperation has now resulted in three unique furniture items that successfully mix Karim Rashid’s colourful design with the brands’ core values.

Phaze- SKANDIFORM-karim-rashid-kinnarps-wow-webmagazine

Phaze for Skandiform design by Karim Rashid.
An armchair that embraces you, providing generous personal space. Several linked together create an undulating and sensual shape.
Skandiform is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of furniture for businesses and inspiring public areas. Minimalistic, safe and modern products are created based on the Scandinavian Sense concept. Furniture that provide character and harmony to spaces where people meet.


Manhattan for NC, design by Karim Rashid.
It is both an iconic design statement on its own as well as an elegantly functional wooden chair. Featuring two elements that carefully balance together, created by using soft curves, profiles and surfaces, Manhattan exudes a sensually minimal unity.
NC designs and manufactures furniture that combine playful and modern design with attention to function and aesthetics as well as the environment and mankind. The products are primarily designed for healthcare environments as well as cafés, restaurants and public meeting areas.


Kaloo for Materia, design by Karim Rashid.
A minimalist, contemporary bar stool inspired by traditional Scandinavian design. Straight lines provide a stable base which softens in generous curves up towards the seat.
Materia is one of Scandinavia’s most acclaimed brands in design furniture for public areas. The brand is known for innovative design that makes the user’s everyday life easier.




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