Let’s escape all that is not design at Milano Design Week!

What can we expect from the Milano Design Week ? Besides the 1500 exhibitors at Salone del Mobile, the usual 2000 events of Fuori Salone all over town and the inevitabile tiredness?
It’s a moment of triumph for Milan, world capital of design also thanks to the happy coincidence and synergy with the 21 Triennale. But don’t delude yourself, this kermesse won’t actually offer just “good design” …

We’ll have to be strict, for the cultural level of the Triennale is unequalled and the too many events and products won’t stand comparison, worthless and useless things that are not at all missed, passed off as acts of creation, and that probably nobody will ever buy them.
Il Design che non c’èis the title of ADI’s excellent proposal to photograph and publish the mess and eyesores due to the lack of a project. In order to organize a competition to better design these situations.
I suggest we do something like that also for the mess and unsightliness caused by a project or the lack of ideas and that go unpunished.
The risk lies in ambush even for some iconic brands above suspicion.
I’m thinking of a good company, Segis for example, and an excellent designer, Bartoli, who produce together an iceberg-sofa escaped from a sheet of ice.
Another example, Prospettive and its sofa Book, to “celebrate the value of words and extol the power of writing”. Why do I feel duped?
I’ve seen things you design-loving people wouldn’t believe!
Editorial by Renata Sias


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