Linak & partners at Orgatec: Design Meets Movement.

The outdoor area on 260m² – passageway between halls 10/11– is one of the attractions at Orgatec 2016; Linak participates in this multifunctional environment with the installation named Design Meets Movement, involving some of the best partner companies producer of height adjustable furnishing that use linear actuator by Linak.

The benefits of Green Living in the workplace is well known and we alla experienced that our own personal creative space –working or relaxing- might as well be outdoor.
These concepts inspired the innovative idea to move outdoor workstations and living rooms that will break the usual barrier between indoor comfort and outdoor spaces.
Linak enthusiastically embraced this approach involving some companies (Estel, Fantoni, Brunoffice, Frezza, ICF, Sinetica Industries e IVM ), creating two different environments around two of the four seasons, mixing ergonomic movement with the best design to offer an installation that aims to surprise and challenge conventional thinking about adjustable furniture by moving interior design… outdoors. 


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