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Kinetic Graffiti: new Luis Pons’s offices, Miami.

The extraordinary in the ordinary” is the philosophy Luis Pons Design Lab, a Miami based design firm specializing in residential and hospitality design.This philosophy is perfectly reflected in the facade of the buiding that hosts the new offices of Uno Magnetic, LPDL e Luis Pons Design Lab, as Luis Pons himself describes us.

The main purpose of the facade design was to respond to the context of the building -the art district known for its urban art and graffiti’s – as well as to make the most inexpensive and simple intervention to the warehouse facade and to reflect in the intervention the core of our design philosophy.
We are interested in showing the extraordinary in the ordinary. We like to express the time and space in which we live. We ‘re inspired by sensory experiences and tactile concepts, and wish to share them with others.
By placing vertical metal profiles every 20 feet, and hanging from them a parallel sequence of traditional celebration flags, we create a kinetic facade that becomes a moving skin to the building.
As the wind touches the surface, the flags creates waves in a very sensual way. The installation changes depending of the intensity of the elements. They serve as an interactive piece that protects the facade from the sun, just as a brise soleil.
The installation will be changing every year and will be showcasing different flags with graphics, color and motives.
The installation is our interpretation of graffitis. We will like to create mutables graffitis that interact with the weather elements, flowing kinetically with the breeze and eventually changing with the natural and artificial light.
Text by Luis Pons.

Photo by Nacho Polo (courtesy Luis Pons Design Lab)

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