Luxy’s Epoca: a chair for the Multifuncional Epoch.

A stool for a counter-top, an elegant chair for the office upholstered with fabric, leather or hide, or a rocking chair for a 5 minutes time relax during a stressful day. Designed by Stefano Getzel and produced by Luxy, Epoca is not just a chair, but the first project that interprets seating as a flexible system designed to be sat on in any place and at any time throughout our daily lives. One shape for all kind of style, need and taste, a recurring pattern combined in various height, with different upholsteries and basements, able to unify the space and all the way of using it.

A real project for our Multifunctional Epoch is the one produced by Luxy, designed to embrace nowadays world in an interesting game of combinations.
Epoca has been designed to provide three different styles, with the visible edging, to create a new way to make the bi-color, completely upholstered, or in polipropilene.
The comfortable polypropylene chair comes in white, black, grey, dove-grey, lobster pink , green and it is fixed by the screwless hooking system “LUXY CLIP” to frames finished in white, black, chrome, or made from wood. The front of the seat has an embossed non-slip finish while the back is glossed.

On all the versions with total padding, the Epoca upholstery can always be removed as it involves no glue, choosing among simple, ribbed, “drops in a pond” or other motives.
In additon arms can be added to the seat and color-matched, as well as bag holders for the stools and a writing table antipanic for the chairs.
Epoca is really multi-use and it can fit with all kind of environment, at home, in a restaurant, in the office or in a waiting room, where fixed to the ground and linked on beam, it can give a simple and elegant welcome.
Besides Epoca, Stefano Getzel has already designed for Luxy the Frac, Aire Jr., Arrow, Big Jim, Synchrony, Pixel chairs , the Plah Ghinn sofa system and U.F.O. footrest.
Text by Gabriele Masi.
Pictures by Andrea Pancino.

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