March 20th: Happiness Day

Celebrate the Happiness Day in your office with Harlem Shake, the viral of the moment: 30 seconds of pure, crazy enjoyment not to be missed. Or in more practical terms, through the Happy Manager.

The United Nations General Assembly has passed last year a resolution appointing the equinox day 20th March as International Happiness Day. The resolution was motivated by “the need for a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promoted sustainable development and poverty eradication, and the happiness and wellbeing of all people”.

How do we celebrate the Happiness Day at work?

Gill Geisler, wrote a book on this subject: Work Happy,  and the websites in English on this topic are plentiful. Probably the value of this day will be celebrated in the most suitable way if you are one of the happy few, who work in companies where the staff includes a Happy Manager (or Happiness Officer).

Instead, if you are part of the vast majority working in offices, where happiness has no access, allow yourself at least 30 seconds of the meme Harlem Shake, the viral online since January 30th, 2013 that has already recorded 18 million visits (apparently shot on a terrible music by the dj Baauer, by a student of communication and that has inspired hundreds of imitations). And dance! Or rather, take your smartphone and shoot your Harlem Shake with your colleagues… and send it to WOW!

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