Matteo Thun: sustainability on holiday.

The work of Matteo Thun & Partners focuses on sustainability and environment, respecting the Genius Loci. These recent project – The Marina di Venezia Camping and the Longen’ Winery Lodge– represent new ways of holidays.

These two projects born by the philosophy of Matteo Thun & Partners too: an architecture emerges that makes the most of local traditions and new technologies in order to create sustainable solutions, save resources, generates measurable economic results, while contributing to beauty.

Marina di Venezia: inventing a new way of camping.
Located in front of Venice. the renowned Marina di Venezia Camping (6.400 m2) consists of a group of 32 small patio houses, called “Garden Villas”, offer a contemporary interpretation of camping bungalows providing both comfort and a close contact with nature. The presence of pine trees and the wish to save as many of them as possible, has determined both the overall “botanical architecture” layout as well as the floor plan of the villas.
Two opposing volumes, a courtyard with a terrace, a lawn and the original pine trees compose each wooden Garden Villa. The green and the terrace, including a shower, become integrated parts of the living and offer a close and fresh contact to nature.

Two bedrooms and a bathroom are situated on the one side of the garden, the living area is on the opposite side. The roof of the terrace provides shade on sunny days and protection in case of rain in order to perfectly connect the two areas. Thanks to the wide, double-glazed window fronts, the interiors and exterior melt together. The natural stone floor used both in- and outdoors, highlights the fluidity between all areas.The building is made with wood-cement blocks, an environmentally friendly material, granting thermal and acoustic insulation.

Longen’ Winery Lodge: primary way of living at the Moselle Valley.
Architect Matteo Thun, well known for his holistic and sustainable approach to architecture and interior design, has supported the family’s project with integral planning and implementation. The new Lodge (6.500 sqm) permits to enjoy the structures of a wine and fruit production, the setting of a village and to experience a life in harmony with nature. Surrounded by fruit trees, Longen’s guests live in small houses built with local stone and appearing as typical winery lodges. Each of the 20 houses has access to a small wooden terrace and an own private garden; when choosing a house the guest can select the type of garden.
The design of the 20aqm slate houses is pure, bright and clear. Lots of wood, plenty of white, original fabrics and natural materials determine the interior’s composition. The wooden floor connects the indoor with the terrace; a big glass door bridges inside and outside.


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