Marelet: food quality, comfort and green passion.

People who really pursue quality apply this concept on a full scale, as the Colleoni family did with its Marelet, an accomodation facility offering excellence synaesthetically: from food to hosting, with a variety of speciality dishes and interiors designed to principles of sustainability and biophilia.
A refined space made even more pleasant through the use of plants and natural elements. The lush walls and amazing plant paintings by HW Style improve the acoustics and purify the air as well as used to decorate.

After the sought-after Michelin star, awarded to the Treviglio-based “San Martino”, the Colleoni family got a further important accolade with the new location Marelet in Treviglio too (close to Bergamo): the Prize by Illy Caffè “Migliore Bar d’Italia 2017” because of the high quality of food and the ability to interpretate the needs of third millennium.


The facility -bar, bistrot, pastry, and 18 rooms hotel- is located downtown and gives onto the park, and the greenness acts as a link between outside and inside through the substantial vegetal walls and plant paintings looking like beautiful works of art (all them made and managed by HW Style).

These green elements are not just meant to decorate, but they can purify the indoor pollution and have soundproofing performance improving acoustic comfort, which is often one of the major issues in public places.
The overall project follows a green passion and is based on wellness and an environmentally sustainable approach: it’s a technologically advanced pre-fab wooden building, that makes use of photovoltaic panels and geothermics. Interior design is carried out in recyclable materials free from harmful emissions.




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