Milano Design Week 2014: chairs.

It’s all very well, but for what kind of setting and use? It’s easy to churn out hundreds of bizarre chairs every year, how many of them will be evergreen or best sellers?

Anyway, also this year we’ll become infatuated with new shapes, but nobody knows how many of them are comfortable and solid and lasting. It’s hard to detect any trend, for the fields and rooms, where the chair is going to be used are practically innumerable, and the requirements of a specific target of users. There is a marked return to wood and natural materials are increasingly cool in the contract industry, as well.

1, Caimi Brevetti, Platone, design by Sezgin Aksu, curved wooden chair with oak or wallnut surface and side color in contrast.
2, Segis, Cross, design Archirivolto. Tube chair, armchair and sofa with metal frame and polyurethane foam. Removable covers in faux-leather, fabric or leather.
3, A Lot Of Brasil, Cone, design by Xavier Lust.
A new chair inspired by nature’s curves is built without mould with an optimal economy of means. Like the body of an insect suspended on thin straight legs, the dynamic conic shell with it’s soft felt inside offers great comfort.
4, Futura, Tchair, design by Toshiyuki Kita. Comfortable chair equipped with sliding small top to accomodate technologic devices.

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