#MilanoDesignWeek: the best 10 installations.

What gives value to an installation? Irony, poetry, engagement, interaction. Among the projects of the Milano Design Week 2016 WOW! has selected the best 10 which unite these aspects with the sense of sustainability and social responsability that has to lead the work of an artist nowadays, like in Shit Evolution by Luca Cipelletti, first prize Milano Design Award @midesignaward.

1. Opening picture: Shit Evolution, Luca Cipelletti.
The international panel lead by Antonio Murras of sixth edition of the Milano Design Award (organised by elita – enjoy living Italy, in collaboration with, IED Istituto Europeo di Design, with the Municipality of Milan and the Milano Fuori Salone committee) selected Shit Evolution as the winner of this edition. “an instructive itinerary that promotes a completely different culture of the design”. The exhibition, curated by the Museo Della Merda, brought different products, such as flooring, stools, tables, dishes and also a toilette, made by a recycle material made by mixing clay and the cow’s poo. A reflection over the responsibility of the designers to promote the use of organic materials.


2. Boring Collection, Lensvelt Contract.
“A project that imagines a new way to tell the office’s products, in a playful and engaging experience”. Boring Collection has won the prize Best Concept.

3. Data Orchestra, ­Jelle Mastenbroek.
A link between technology and poetry, a surreal and unique experience, built with an everyday technology. Dat orchestra was awarded with the Best Technology Prize.
4. The Nature of Motion, Nike.
Telling the brand in a complex but understandable and emotional way. The Nature of Motion won the Best Storytelling prize.
5. KUKAN, Panasonic.
Shuichi Furumi, Masao Ochiai won the people’s chiocce award. 140 55inches screens over 7 pillars invent a new space capable to build a different experience of the japanese world.

6. Imagine new days, Aisin.
The Best Engagement award 2016 is Imagine new days by Masaru Suzuki/Hideki Yoshimoto/Setsu&Shinobu Ito. an installation capable of “mixing in a simple way anagogic and digital, envolving the public in a meaningful and funny journey”.

7. A joyful sense of work, Assufficio. (video)
What makes a #‎ajoifulsenseatwork? Anticipating the Workplace 3.0 2017, Cristina Cutrona designed an installation that invite the public to give their own opinion, an invite to look for the meaning of working.
8. A trip to Sicility, Paola Lenti.
The set up is the Umanitaria’s cloisters, is the result of the meeting between Paolo Lenti and Marella Ferrara. An exposition inspired by the colours and the artisan tradition of Sicily.
9. 50 Manga Chairs, Nendo.
The line, the structure and the concept of the japanese Manga tradition is transfered to 50 chairs exposed and designed by Nendo in an installation commissioned by the new yorker gallery Friedman Benda.
10. The Red Torre Velasca (Tower Velasca), by Ingo Maurer.
The red colour invades the city and becomes the symbol of the Design. Enlightening the Torre Velasca, location of the Audi City Lab, Ingo Maurer made the structure of the most peculiar skyscraper of Milan stand out in the night of Milan, in a suggestive and spectacular way.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


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