Mindfulness means happiness at work.

The meeting “Tecniche coraggiose per un lavoro più felice”(bold techniques for a happier work), organized by Mida and Mosaic last November 28th, was a request to consider the possible use of Mindfulness at work,

which means to be aware, concentrated, balanced, stable, able to free one’s mind from anxiety-inducing thoughts and come to terms with the ups and downs of life.
For this reason Mida and Mosaic have created the project MindfulLab .

In short: happiness is not a consequence of wealth; maybe “there is a crisis because we are unhappy”, and we lost our Western Identity and real sense of happiness.
At the presentation of the Italian edition of “Search inside Yourself. The unexpected path to achieving Success, Happiness and World Peace by Chade-Meng Tan, (HR manager Google Corporation) the speakers related their own experiences.
Alessandro Zollo, explained that Great Place to Work companies show three times better performances.
Francesca Carimati related the application of Mindfulness technics in Mediaset to change the corporate negative mood by working one one’s self-consciousness and the whole of one’s relations.
Ottaviano Di Cicco presented the vision of Google, that allots 20% of the working time to happiness and creative projects, thus proving that Emotional Intelligence enables every employee to feel driven, free to express themselves and therefore more creative.
Pierangelo Pagella, Unicredit reported some scientific studies proving the importance of Mindfulness at work and introduces the theme of energy exchange between people and the physical space explaining the new relax and concentration areas designed in the new headquarters in Milan.
However, the meeting shows that the most suitable “space” is the mental environment, silence and breathing, that allow us to “stay” balanced in the present.
Text by Renata Sias, editor WOW! Webmagazine

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