Soundproofing, air cleaning, humidity regulation.

Acoustic Mood Wall by Sedus is a wall design element suitable for professional sound absorption, especially in rooms with hard surfaces. It improves acoustics and simultaneously helps to keep the air clean and regulate humidity. Thanks to the use of renewable and natural materials in the product –hemp and wool– the “acoustic mood wall” is a 100% sustainable product.

Acoustic Mood Wall consists of a folding wooden cassette-like holder with an embedded layer of hemp and wool and is covered in fabric. While the hemp layer in the core is acoustically effective, the layer of wool is negatively ionised and therefore does not attract fine particulates; for this reason helps to clean the air and regulate humidity besides having sound-dampening qualities.

It can be used in open space offices, meeting and conference rooms, reception areas, corridors and waiting zones, cafeterias and company canteens.
It is available in different square and rectangular formats (600 x 600/1200/1800/2400 mm and 1200 x 1200 mm) and two thicknesses (55 and 95 mm), it can be attached to a wall horizontally or vertically or can simply be suspended from the ceiling. Up to three colours from a set range of colours can be selected for each element.


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