Neocon: HiP Award to Favaretto and Luxy.

The seating Ribelle –design by Favaretto & Partners– won the Interior Design’s 4th Annual HiP Awards, as Best Product in the category Outdoor at the 49th Neocon in Chicago, while Italia armchair was one of the honorees between the 5 products in nomination for the category Task Seating. 

Ribelle design by Favaretto & Partners (patented # 003661602).


Make a chair as easy as possible but without simplifying and get out from traditional forms and benefit of ergonomics: this was the ichallenge of Ribelle, the first indoor/outdoor chair of Luxy.
Entirely made in rod steel, the collection is composed of 2 versions: chair and stool. The front angles of the seat are cut to facilitate the end user to get up. The functional advantage of this cut is emphasized in the stool version, where it is possible to put the foot on the floor without moving forward on the seat. Available 13 finishes of which 9 can be used both indoor and outdoor, instead the chrome, brass, copper and carbon finishes are suitable only for indoor use.

Italia, design by Favaretto&Partners (patented # 003164540-0003 – 003164540-0004).


Italia is a perfect combination of ergonomics and style. It has an exposed metal structure in high-strength steel-rod, available in a chromed or embossed black or white painted version, provides a stylish support to a cold-foamed shell of varying density. The design and technology are completely innovative. It is available in the high or low version with chrome frame or black or white painted. Leathers and fabrics are available in wide range of colors.


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