The new office chairs 2014.

In a deskless-oriented office the role played by the chair (the chairs) is more and more important.

The new office chairs will be launched at Orgatec, but the companies didn’t wait for the autumn to put on the market new products, that are expected to be increasingly comfortable, first-rate and at a more and more competitive prize.
The usual categories (practical, executive, wait/visitor) have disappeared once and for all, replaced by easy chair,task chair, lounge chair, etc. In an office where one spends at the desk 30% of the working day at most, obviously the office CHAIR becomes the office CHAIRS and armchairs and benches and stools suitable for all jobs.
1, Sedus Black Dot 24, family for 24-hour use; 3D armrests and sliding seat with superior comfort, designed for users up to a body weight of 150 kg.
2, Sedus, Swing Up. The new concept of mechanism Similar Swing was developed in collaboration with the ergonomics department of TUM, Technische Universität München.
3, Brunner, Crona design by Archirivolto, bi-color chair made of textile or leather, available with wheels and pillow, too.
4, Luxy, Prima, design by Francesco Favaretto; wooden contract chair available with wheels too.

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