Oceano: sustainability and art to create a positive headquarters.

Built to support the growth of Servizi CGN, a Pordenone-based group that is the Italian leader in B2B tax consulting, Oceano is now the largest CasaClima Class A certified building in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Comfort, eco-sustainability and design are the key concepts of this workplace awarded “Positive Business Location 2014” by the Palo Alto School.

The new “Oceano” headquarters (Gruppo Servizi CGN) arises from the Group’s logistical needs (providing a space to house the Group’s new staff, which has doubled in size since 2010, growing from 90 employees in 2010 to 181 at the end of 2013), the project has resulted in a sustainable, energy-efficient structure with efficient systems that takes into consideration the well-being of both the people who work there and of the environment.
The new 18.000mc building, designed by Lucio Scian, gives a special emphasis to the environment and nature suggesting many of the design choices, including energy independence-oriented solutions, a photovoltaic plant (100kW), a solar thermal system, a rainwater harvesting and recycling system and car parks equipped with charging stations for electric cars.
The interior design by Marco Vincenzi created a welcoming office environment that reflect the  corporate vision and values. Not only a workplace, but a project of happiness at work.
Art and design are two key factors
of the Oceano Project. More than a mere workplace, this project strives to create a pleasant work environment, combining paintings, photographs and sculptures with careful architectural and design choices to provide visual appeal and promote cheerful, positive emotions.
“This is a human centered project; growth and success of our employers and partners is our mission” explains Giancarlo Broggian, president of Gruppo Servizi CGN.
Relaxing natural materials, large glass partitions and windows to create light environments, lounge areas and a cover rushes for the smoking area are some of the designer’s choices focused on wellbeing of the workers.
Among the suppliers are some of the better Italian producer company: Artemide, Caimi Brevetti, Fantoni, Martex,Tecno.

Artworks captions:
Outside  “Pesce che vola” (Flying fish), aluminum sculpture by Gianni Maran.
Inside the open space office at first floor the fishbone sculpture by Inge Bouwmeester.
The large composite artworks by Gianni Maran, hanging at the wall of the hall, expresses Servizi CGN’ s values.


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