Prooff, SitTable, design by UNStudio, a thinking place as well as a social meeting ground. (Emporio, via Tortona 31).

OfficeTeam: Office of the future 2020

The information presented here by OfficeTeam provides a glimpse into the work world of tomorrow and is based on interviews with leading futurists, technology specialists and workplace experts. Findings from Office of the Future 2020 project show that administrative professionals will assume even greater responsibilities in the years ahead. On this site, you will find information on the pivotal roles tomorrow’s administrative staff will play and the skills needed for future success.

The future office will be increasingly mobile and flexible as companies swiftly assemble the resources necessary to meet changing business needs. Core teams will manage employees working from diverse locations — from home offices to temporary business spaces to cafés. A premium will be placed on staff members who possess a combination of technical and interpersonal skills, and can adapt quickly to change. Professionals who are able to create new products and services and identify more efficient ways to work will be among the most marketable as innovation continues to drive business.

Following are key findings indicating how the workplace is expected to evolve in the coming years:

1. Emerging technologies will allow a company’s staff to work off–site with greater ease. Geographic location will matter less as businesses shift human and material resources around the globe in response to market opportunities.

2. Increasingly, companies will depend on temporary, instant “plug and play” offices that can be established wherever needed — in commercial spaces that are fully wired and readily adaptable to the needs of business tenants, for example.

3.The concept of going to work will be redefined as employees use portable, wireless tools to communicate from any location. For business, investment in technology will be offset by substantial savings on traditional overhead expenses such as leases, property taxes and facilities maintenance.

4. Ubiquitous wireless connectivity will permit people to easily collaborate with their colleagues. Advanced electronic communication devices will eliminate traditional time, distance and language barriers, facilitating communication and preventing lags in production.

5. A greater number of people will telecommute to work. In fact, 87 percent of executives polled by OfficeTeam predict there will be increased telecommuting in the coming decade.

6.While technology will make employees more flexible, it doesn’t appear people will work fewer hours. 42% percent of executives surveyed by OfficeTeam said they believe employees will be working more hours in the next 10 to 15 years; only 9 percent anticipated working fewer hours. Likewise, 86 percent of respondents said employees will be expected to stay more connected with the office while on vacation.

7.The concept of “emotional intelligence” will grow in prominence. This phrase refers to those skills and abilities that enable people to interact well with those around them, respond to others’ needs and priorities, and adapt to a rapidly changing business environment.

8.Key skills.The most important skills and abilities for administrative professionals can be summed up with the acronym ACTION. This stands for Analysis, Collaboration, Technical aptitude, Intuition, Ongoing education and Negotiation.

To prepare for success, administrative professionals should focus on six key areas that form the acronym ACTION. They are:

Analysis: Encompasses “3-C Thinking.” Critical – Evaluating information and making recommendations based on an understanding of a company’s strategic objectives. Creative – Taking initiative to develop innovative solutions to challenges and problems. Connective – Perceiving links among people, data and ideas, and using these ties to work more effectively.

Collaboration: Quickly establishing rapport and facilitating team-building with people on-site and off. Managing relationships by accurately identifying and responding to preferred work styles and personality traits.

Technical aptitude: Using the most effective tools for a variety of tasks. Willingness to be an early adopter of new devices, researching the best technology solutions for an organization and training teams how to use them.

Intuition: Proactively identifying the best ways to provide support based on the goals and processes of the business, as well as the needs and work styles of colleagues.

Ongoing education: Actively seeking information sources and utilizing multiple modes of learning, from traditional classroom seminars to online workshops. Constantly expanding knowledge base, pursuing any subject that enhances productivity.

Negotiation: Using tact, diplomacy, empathy and business savvy to engage in productive discussions with vendors and employees that result in positive outcomes.

Take OfficeTeam quiz to measure your ACTION skills.

Photogallery captions:

1 Prooff, SitTable, design by UNStudio, a thinking place as well as a social meeting ground. (Emporio, via Tortona 31).

2 Babini, Wall Street, wall consolle with executive desk Manatta.

3 Babini, Fly, product platform that allows different configurations (2 tops, 3 basements,3 cablign solutions, 4 screen typologies).

4 OfficeCity (Gruppo Quadrifoglio) Z2, a strong appeal reception system that uses a front combination of matt melamine and lacquered.

5 Frezza, Cruise, operative system, by Giacobone + Roj, Progetto CMR, avanguarde design and high level performances.

6 Las Mobili, Flags, operative system, Orlandini Design.

7 USM, Kitos E new desk (Salone Ufficio)and its evergreen furniturefor every work environments (Spotti, viale Piave).

8 Desalto, Sail, television holder system, design Caronni Bonanomi.

9. Clic iPad Pond, di Diffusion Design an example of smart design furniture integrating high-tech devices. (Danish LivingRoom Salone del Mobile hall 10).

10 Bonaldo, Octa, 8-legs table by Bartoli Design.

11 Team 7, table Faye, Interior Innovation Award 2013 (at Spazio RivaViva, via Porro Lambertenghi).

12 Ligne Roset, Litho, a poetic approach to workplace, design Thibault Desombre.

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