Solid Air by Koz Susani: light art and 3D printing.

Solid Air is the new collection of 12 light sculptures, the first of the new brand One-Off-Infinity created by the studio Koz Susani Design.
Solid Air is an exercise to free the mind, to explore shapes, textures and light effects made possible only by new light sources and new manufacturing techniques: LED, parametric geometries and 3D printing.

Solid air is not just ‘lamps’ in the conventional sense. They were thought as light-clouds, immaterial but palpable shapes of materialized light floating in the darkness, light volumes defined by reflections and ‘wrapped’ in delicate meshes.
Some of these ‘clouds’ have the shape of a nest in perforated filigree, others are ‘tower’, sculptures generated by many very thin ‘straws’ that form a lattice structure, lit from the inside.
The idea behind One-Off-Infinity’s collection represents a ‘possible oxymoron’, a paradox born through the real combination of
the way of thinking art (one-off pieces) with neo-industrial manufacturing (3D printing on-demand).
The process innovation in oneoff∞ is that each piece is different from the next one, aesthetically perfect, but with little imperfections, totally in compliance with the ‘Wabi-Sabi” principle, the Japanese aesthetic concept derived from Buddhist teaching which recognizes beauty as “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.
A concept explained by Defne Koz and Marco Susani in this way: “We will ‘plant’ an imperfection, and we will permutate each piece according to the data that we will derive from getting in contact – via internet/digitally – with the end consumer.
The flexibility and variants we imagine will not come from a catalogue of choices given to the consumer – an old idea that still represent the rigidity of old mass manufacturing – but we’ll manage variations using mysterious, unpredictable data, such as the weather in a certain city at the very moment the order is placed, or a mathematical algorithm based on the date of birth of the consumers”.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


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