Orgatec 2014: Out of Office.

Orgatec previews indicate that -hopefully- the workplace predicted for some time by the researchers and that we are promoting in WOW! with conviction, is going to be realized, at last. mobile ways of working where knowledge workers implement flexible working practices and networked information technology; fluid and ubiquitous environments house-like or entertainment-like (a trend called gamification).

Orgatec, from October 21st to 25th wit its 400 exhibiting companies, will confirm that starting from the title, a celebration of the work-life  balance!  “Out of Office” “Going Home”, “Taking a Walk” and “Being Home” are the topics conceived by the designer Dick Spierenburg to identify the areas of Boulevard, the central link devoted this year to Home Office “the driverless mobile office”, “Socialising” and “Movement” with a focus on relaxation.
Some apparently contradictory terms, smartly combined and developed, may create,creative, human centered,comfortable and pleasant workplaces.
The exhibition’s event programme showcases the current trends and some interesting new products inspired by the new needs of Smart Working, mobile and collaborative, multigenerational and sustainable office.
Orgatec 2014 will show some complete arrangements for the working environment for the 2.0 generation: furniture, smart materials (lighting, acoustic solutions, flooring) communiation and multimedia technologies, concepts. Wide-ranging visions modifying even the usual meaning of the concept of ergonomics.
Here and in the article posted on WOW! are some advance solutions.
Arper, Caimi, Luxy, Tecno, Ares Line, Assufficio, Fantoni, Bene.

Orgatec Boulevard.
Buzzi Space: BuzziVille office collection.
Palau: Vora Table, design Ben Van Berkel.
Mascagni, Tres System.

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