The most innovative privacy elements.

After the collapse of the “office walls”, the noise and lack of privacy are the main enemies in the workplace. Several solutions of noise protection and privacy elements to survive in open plan were launched at Orgatec 2016. They can define private areas with different levels of acoustic and visual privacy to offer personalized answers to different needs: free standing screens with high acoustic performance, articulated “nest” systems that integrate chairs and workstations, or partition walls. The most advanced technology ones are designed as a kit and easy to install thanks to innovative interlocking systems.

Mascagni, TrèS Sound, by Ergon Design.
An innovative sound absorption panel system based upon the principle of the Helmholtz multiple resonator, in combination with the acoustic absorption achieved by means of porous materials, since the panels contain polyester fibers. Both sides of the panel are covered in micro-perforated wood laminate. The linear panels can be also hung at wall or ceiling.


Universal Selecta, Chakra, design by Universal Selecta R& D .
Chakra is a patented modular system of solid and glazed panels, straight or curved, able to create reserved areas ranging from the simple phone boot up to a more performing and dimensionally extended meeting areas.


Sedus, se-wall.
A combination of acoustics, design and functionality with an attractive price-performance ratio. It provides privacy, zoning and an acoustic screen while ensuring maximum functionality and flexibility with a wide range of products and numerous customized configurations.


Teknion, Zones, design by PearsonLloyd.
The collection included semi-private enclosures which can be used as either intimate collaborative settings or a place of retreat for privacy. In addition seating, tables, screens, easels and lighting are available.


Okamura, Muffle.
Modular acoustic screen system for linear and curved settings, it can house sofas, meeting tables and desks.


Nowy Styl, Tepee-Work.
Panel system to set temporary workplaces, to connect or divide working people; it is equipped with sit-stand desks and sofas; it is a modular solution that complements office interiors characterised by a division into functional zones.


Free standing or desk panels characterized by a fresh and informal look between cushions and screen.


Offect, Soundwave Wall, design by Christophe Pillet.
An acoustic wall stretches from floor to ceiling and thus becomes a part of the architecture in a building, like a prefabricated partition wall. It is designed to absorb in the upper frequency of 250 Hz and above.


Citterio Wood_Wall.
The craftmanship is just an inspiration, which handed down attention to the materials and their specificity.


Vetroin, In-Wall.
The first wall which doesn’t use glue but only patented interlocking system. In aesthetic terms the external flush mounting, without profiles that contain the glass overlapping it, makes it possible to keep the glass surface completely in view. It is also at the forefront in terms of security and earthquake prevention.


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