Orgatec 2016: visions and concepts for a new workplace.

An immaterial approach is now increasingly used also for trade fairs, the undisputed temple of pragmatism, as proved by Orgatec 2016, that directed its communication and appeal power on the new concepts -software- related to the new ways of working and visions rather than new products -hardware-presented from October 25th to 29th in Koeln.

Titles, slogans and claims in plenty to touch on all themes and issues of the “New Visions of Work”, the subject of Orgatec 2016 added to the title “Creativity Works” (actually a not too creative image patently inspired by Nendo’s 50 Manga Chairs).
Instead, the following special areas organized by Orgatec are lively and topical: Design meets Movement, the new outdoor passage between 10/11 pavilions where Linak with some partner companies show the benefits of height adjustable desks; the 9th edition of Architecture + Office Innovation Prize; Smart Working Space – the smart coworking lobby.
The exhibiting firms have eagerly broached the subjects proposed, in turn working out always different aspects and interpretations:
Vitra choices the concise “Work” for its stand that takes up the whole 5.2 pavilion, involving many partner companies in a office/home set.
More dynamic the “Rolling Workspace” by Kokuyo at hall 7 B50 designed by Nendo.

Take a seat and fully engage” invites the Dutch company ProOff; while Sedus promote the “Tour of Discovery” inside a stand (hall 8 B50) designed to stimulates all five senses presenting innovative concepts and products.
5 designers present 5 ground-breaking innovations for active office environments” is Wilkhanh’s initiative; “Redesign the Future of the Future WorkTecno’s claim. More rigorous the claim “Innovation, Technology and Design” by IVM.
The concept of “Light Office” inspires Lapalma creating new working sets between home and office.
The same theme is underlined by Thonet too with the slogan “Residential Workspace” (Hall 9.1 B49) and Arper. Domestic and elegant is the LauraMeroni’s mood too (hall 10 N20).
Irony is the core theme of Pedrali’s stand designed by Calvi Brambilla and ironic too is the latin title “Per aspera ad astra” (through the bumps you reach the stars) by COffice Estel.
By the previews we can say that Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing are the dominant topics and increasingly higher is the interest in acoustic comfort.
We’ll see personally if they are actually creative as the title suggests and the matter will be investigated in WOW! next month.

Tecno, Clavis, design Centro Progetti Tecno con Daniele del Missier.
Flexibilityis the foundation of this new table system which by means of a patented coupling and a limited set of industrially manufactured components allows an immediate “tool-less” assembly to be carried out.
Luxy, Italia, design Favaretto & Partners.
Armchair with exposed metal structure chromed or painted white or black, inserted as an aesthetic support of the shell in cold foam with different densities.
Lapalma, Add, design Francesco Rota.
The versatile modular seating system, Honorable Mention Compasso d’Oro 2016 is expanded with a new table system with aluminum frame.
Laura Meroni, Doors and Wall Panels  Line System, design Cesare Arosio.
Wall panels and doors in wood Ebony and burnished brass.
Il is characterized by a design of vertical brass lines, that decorate the wood surface in a rhythmic sequence, which can be articulated into paneling. The combination of the two elements creates a continuous wall. 


Quinze & Milan, InnoCAD’s transdisciplinary product, design studio 13&9.
Innovative office furniture system to respond to the individual and social needs of the “New Work” environment.


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