Beyond colour: Paola Lenti into the office.

The charming installation created by Paola Lenti at Chiostri dell’Umanitaria is probably the most refined and elegant of the Milan Design Week 2015. An oasis of calm in the chaos of the Fuorisalone, a “buen retiro” where you can enjoy with your eyes, hands ..and ears a creativity made by textures and colors; not only outdoor furniture, but also a panel system for soundproofing walls and ceilings, perfect in office and contract environments.

For twenty-one years “Going beyond” is the true hallmark of Paola Lenti’s company, the life force that makes her constantly seek beauty that is never banal, never repetitive but emerges from experimentation, from keenly observing other artistic forms and different skills that express original codes, styles and forms.

Build, modular panels system designed by Francesco Rota.
Build is a system of modular panels that are conceived to divide and equip interior spaces; they are covered with Brio fabric and can be fixed to the wall or can create freestanding compositions as well as furniture pieces with an architectural flair.
The panes can be completed with shelves and suspended cabinets. The fixed and moving panels, the
false ceilings and the light panels are available in different standard heights but also in custom dimensions to allow for the highest design flexibility and “tailor made”.

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